Antique Thanksgiving Postcard Printable

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner? 2014 has just been flying by! Thanksgiving in my country of birth was this month, and I still have trouble adjusting to celebrating it so close to Christmas here in the U.S. (too much turkey!)

In hono(u)r of the upcoming holiday, today's printable is a 1917 'Thanksgiving Menu' postcard, featuring a young lady and what I'd like to assume is her pet turkey. A quaint image perfect for Thanksgiving cards, dinner placecards, or framed for your holiday table!

vintage Thanksgiving printable image
Image courtesy of The Old Design Shop

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To download the image, just right-click on it, select "Save Image As...", and save to your computer.

Let us know how you're planning to spend your Thanksgiving! And if you make your very own creation with today's printable, share it with us! We'd love to feature you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ :)

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How to Put a Dresser Back Together

I was so fortunate to have scored this French Provincial chest of drawers for absolutely free!

french provincial dresser before

Isn't she lovely? :)

When we first picked it up from its previous owner, she mentioned that a few of the joints and junctures were loose. That turned out to be just a slight understatement. As it turns out, the top half was detached from the lower half in many places, and even carrying it out to the truck was pretty precarious.

As one who rarely backs down from a challenge, I insisted that we take it and do our best to restore it. Eric felt differently about it and thought we might be getting in over our heads, but he was gracious enough to indulge me :)

It sat in our basement for a while until we received a request for it to be customized for a little girl's room. All went smoothly as we were carrying it upstairs, until...we heard a loud crack. It had literally split in two.

broken french provincial dresser

Yup, that happened.

Instead of focusing our energy on re-assembling it right away, we decided to prep it while it was still in two. After all, it was much easier to carry that way! Our client requested that we use chalk paint, but I went ahead and sanded it anyway - not to get down to the wood, but just to give us a nice, even surface to work with.

sanding french provincial dresser drawers

Then, it was time to tackle the hard part. The first weapon of choice in our arsenal: good ol' Gorilla Glue. We've used it in the past on smaller projects with great results, so we decided to really put it to the test :)

Gorilla glue

At about this point, there should be a picture of our upside down sanded dresser, minus drawers, glued together and weighed down with the heaviest household objects we could find. But we did this step indoors at night, and were pretty exhausted from a very long day, so I'm afraid you'll have to use your imagination.

Here is a picture of our sweet Kylie to fill the space :)

The next morning, we were super happy to find that the glue did, indeed, hold it together. To give some extra stability, we added our second weapon of choice, some L-brackets.

Did I mention the lower half was also missing its back? No worries though - it was an easy fix with a piece of hardboard and some nails.

hands hammering

After painting, the last step was to give the hardware a good cleaning. The client's color scheme of choice was white with gold accents, so I was really glad the pulls only needed a tiny spritz of gold spray paint to brighten them up a bit once they were clean.

French provincial drawer handles before and after cleaning

Here's the finished product!

french provincial dresser close up

I have to say, I'm pretty proud of us for pulling this one off. And to top it off, the little girl for whom it was intended said (and I quote), "I love it!" when we delivered it to her house. I have a feeling that after this, most other projects will feel like a piece of cake :)

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Antique French Typography Printable - Postcard Book Cover


Have you ever been to a church flea market? I just love them :) I find that I meet some of the sweetest people this world has to offer in places like those.

This past weekend at a church flea market, I met a very sweet older lady who has been collecting antique advertisements and paper ephemera for years. I must have spent 30 minutes poring over page after page of her collection, so much so that people wandered over from other tables to see what had captured my fascination :)

Inspired by those pieces, I am so excited to kick off our new free printable series! We'll regularly have brand new printables for you here on the blog, so be sure to stop by to catch them all (or, you can sign up for our email list and get them straight to your inbox)!

As you'll see in the Instagram sneak peak I posted over the weekend, one of my finds is a book of French postcards from the early 1900s. Today's printable comes from the cover of that book. To download it, just right-click on the image, select "Save Image As...", and save it to your computer.

French typography printable

The postcards in the book are absolutely gorgeous - each one depicts a different place in or around the Chateau de Versailles.

I'm excited to share even more printable graphics with you in the coming weeks, and I hope they inspire you to create! If so, send us a photo of what you've made, and we'll feature your project right here on the blog and on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ pages!

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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Teal

Is it just me, or is teal a really polarizing color? Folks seem either to love it or be traumatized by memories of awful 80s prom dresses. 

I love teal, and I was just itching to use it to refinish a piece. No surprise, I'm sure, when you look at our blog and even my shirt on our About Us page! 'Tis true, my love of teal truly knows no bounds :) But I'll be the first to admit that I don't think teal is right just any piece of furniture. So it took me some time before I found the one.

When I finally found it, it was in a very sad state indeed. See that poor little broken leg? It just breaks your heart, doesn't it? 

vintage vanity before photo

Despite its flaws, a piece like this with simple, straight lines was the perfect style to be elevated but not overwhelmed by such a strong shade. Plus, simple straight lines often made for a quick and easy paint job!

This awesome color by Valspar caught my eye at the home improvement store long before I actually had a piece on which to use it. Did you catch the name? La Fonda Teal. Love it.

Not to be confused with LaFawnduh. Of course :)

Valspar paint sample in La Fonda Teal

As for the broken leg, it was a very easy fix. I imagine it could have been fixed long ago if the wingnut that secured the leg to the main body had been tightened. But the leg had wobbled around so long that its hanger bolt had become badly bent. In just a few minutes at the home improvement store, Eric found a replacement, drilled it into the leg, and it was as good as new!   

teal painted vanity legs

If you, like me, don't want to hold the legs of your piece by the their hanger bolts as they dry, a floor register works beautifully as a drying station - the hanger bolts fit perfectly into the slats. Of course, be sure that there's no paint dripping into the vent, and that your heat/AC is off!

Fortunately, the remainder of the piece didn't require much work. I sanded, primed, and painted it with a roller, and applied polycrylic for a durable finish. As for the hardware (which was already removed prior to the 'before' shot), it got a fresh coat of gold spray paint to complement the teal.

vintage vanity painted teal after photo

vintage vanity after photo close up

I also painted a matching mirror with teal highlights.

teal & gold mirror

teal & gold mirror close up

Both items were purchased by a lovely young couple within just a few hours. The young lady placed them in the main hallway of their home, and together they make a very cool statement piece! If I may say so myself :)

I am just loving this color combo! What do you think?

Visit us on Instagram to see our latest color choice for an upcoming project. I sure love it - hope you do, too!


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DIY Desk-less Drawer to Rustic Decor

I get so excited when I spot a good freebie, even if I have no clue how I'll use it - my husband might feel differently...but that's another story :)

I found this lonely drawer on a recent trip to our favorite furniture spot. At first, I just passed it by, but as it often goes, it just kept calling my name. I picked it up for a closer look and found that it was really well constructed. Plus, with those pre-divided sections and gorgeous wood grain - who was I kidding? We were meant to be.

vintage desk drawer entryway organizer before

The lock and arrangement of the drawer told me it was very likely from a desk, and the lock's inscription dated it to the 1968 Chicago Lock Co. It sat in our overflowing stash for weeks, until one day, when inspiration struck.Why not give it new life as an upright organizer?

{Find more repurposing projects here!}

As a first step, I whitewashed most of the wood to give it a shabby touch and highlight the grain of the wood. The large upper section was painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite to create a chalkboard. Yes, ASCP makes great chalkboard paint! Just apply four coats to your surface, and skip the wax - done!

rustic whitewashed drawer organizer sections

The only semi-hard part was deciding exactly how to use all of those sections. I decided the smaller parts would be perfect for keys, and attached some hooks from a key rack we had lying around.

hooks from broken key rack upcycled

Don't mind the furry feet - she never misses a photo op :)

creating key rack adhesive small clamps

Ordinary chip bag clips make great clamps for small projects! Thriftiness at its best!

To turn the bottom left section into a mail holder, I attached an old bread pan with just the right amount of wear. A small galvanized tub from the thrift store made the perfect place to store chalk. Lastly, I screwed two eye hooks into the back and added a piece of sisal rope, and this baby was done!

desk drawer entryway organizer repurposed upcycled whitewash

At first, I envisioned it living in an entryway, but it really has so much potential. It would be perfect in a kitchen, an office, or wherever you need a rustic touch of storage and organization.

And speaking of rustic touches, I just love this cute little antique washboard I recently found! Just look at that perfectly worn, rusty goodness. Yum!

antique rustic washboard rusty

upcycled repurposed vintage desk drawer entryway organizer

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