A Glitzy Little Vanity

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Hi all! It's been a long time since I've shared a new project with you - it's only for a lack of time, and not for a lack of pieces I've been churning out! Thankfully, I completed a makeover a few weeks ago that was just perfect for today's Themed Furniture Makeover Day, and I can't wait to share it with you!

This month is all about Glitz & Glamor, and this little vanity has it in spades!

It all began with a discarded mini vanity/dresser I found while driving through a nearby neighborhood. I was actually there to do some picking at another home, but got lost and found this gem instead! 

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Repurposing a Vintage Radio Into a Wine Bar

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I think it's pretty safe to say that folks just about everywhere are experiencing some serious summer heat these days. So when I found out the theme for this month's Themed Furniture Makeover Day was "Outdoors," I knew exactly the kind of project I wanted to create.

Turning this vintage radio into a wine bar was quite a lot of work, but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I'll show you how I did it, and there are even more fun outdoor projects from my fellow DIY Furniture Girls that you can check out at the end!

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July Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest - Farmhouse Fun

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Welcome to another edition of the Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest!

This month's contest is sponsored by none other than The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. (OFMP)! This great family company was the first to manufacture milk paint in its modern powdered form, and has a great range of colors to choose from.

Milk paint is an incredibly versatile product that can be used to create many different finishes, from weathered and chippy to clean and modern.

There will be some awesome farmhouse-style projects shared this month from our 40 participants - check out this one from our featured host, Evey from Evey's Creations.

You can also find one of my previous OFMP projects here.

Stay tuned this month for all of the Farmhouse Fun! And don't forget, you can vote for your favorite here or on our Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest blog at the end of the month!

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Rebuilt & Restored Layered Accent Table (& A Farmhouse Giveaway)

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If you know me, you know I love a good project. I'm usually not one of those gals who likes refinishing furniture that's already in perfect condition - where's the fun in that?

Nope, bring on the broken, the peeling, the literally falling apart. And that's exactly the kind of project I have for you today.

I had to pull out a big bag of tricks for this one - veneer repair, molding new parts, replacing legs, restoring wood, and finally, painting. Take a look as we walk through the process step-by-step!
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Curbside Cabinet Turned Classy with Pure & Original Classico Paint

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Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links from Pure & Original Paints. All opinions I share are 100% honest and entirely my own. Please see full disclosure policy here.

Good morning! I'm so honored to be sharing a new project with you today over on LeslieStocker.com!

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Faux Demin Finish Nightstand

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Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. All opinions I share are 100% honest and entirely my own. Please see full disclosure policy here.

I have a confession to make. I've been keeping a bit of a secret from you...

If you're a fan of the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company and you follow them on Facebook (which you definitely should!), you might already know that a group of DIY bloggers, including myself, were recently chosen to be part of the OFMP Brand Blogger Team! 

I'm really excited to be among this awesome team of creative women! Plus, I don't have a lot of experience with true milk paint, so I'm looking forward to getting to know it better. I hope you'll come along and join me as I learn!
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Mint Green & Driftwood Grey Dresser

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Confession time.

This month's theme for Themed Furniture Makeover Day is one I have to admit I struggled with. I even considered sitting this month out...but let's be honest, where's the fun in that? I do love a challenge, after all :)

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Art Deco Vanity with a Farmhouse Twist

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Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links from General Finishes. All opinions I share are 100% honest and entirely my own. Please see full disclosure policy here.

Today I'm participating in another edition of the Best of Farmhouse Friends blog hop, and I couldn't be more excited to share my project with you!

Way back when (probably about 2 years ago), I bought this gorgeous art deco style vanity on Craigslist.
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White & Watercolor Revamped Desk

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Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links from General Finishes. All opinions I share are 100% honest and entirely my own. Please see full disclosure policy here.

Welcome to this month's Themed Furniture Makeover Day! 

(pssst...if you missed last month's awesome makeovers, no worries - you can catch them here!)

In honor of Memorial Day, our theme for this month is Red, White & Blue!

Of those three colors, the one I'd be most likely to use by far would be blue, and at first I was considering sharing these lovely blue end tables with you. 

But as fortune would have it, I just so happened to have been painting a white piece for a friend this month, so I'll be sharing that story instead :)

I started out with a pretty standard kneehole desk - made of solid wood and soooooooo heavy:

My least favorite thing about painting pieces white is the number of coats needed for solid coverage. For this piece, I used General Finishes Milk Paint in Snow White, and even though I technically didn't need to prime first, I did just to help cover the dark wood.

Once the base layer of paint was done, I gave the drawers a lace overlay treatment, per my friend's request. Just a simple lace valance from the thrift store, some silver spray paint, and a steady hand were all I needed.

Next, I tackled the top. My friend had been inspired by the black watercolor desk I painted last year, and asked if I could create a similar look in a different color scheme for her. 

Using my favorite colored wood stain, Unicorn SPiT, I mixed some custom colors. After many sample boards and modifying the original technique a little, I finally landed on a look we were both happy with. You can find the video for the basic technique by the lovely creator of Unicorn SPiT here :)

I sealed the top with General Finishes Arm-R-Seal, and the body of the desk with GF High Performance Topcoat. Last, I gave the lady her jewelry - some lovely French provincial pulls from Hickory Hardware.

And here she is, from drab to fab!

Ready for a close-up of her lovely watercolor top?

I just love it!

Quite a transformation, don't you think? I don't often do such feminine and frilly pieces, but thanks to my friend's vision, I might just be inspired to do some more in the future :)

For more inspiration in white:

There's SO much more red, white and blue inspiration below - take a look!

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White & Burlap Upholstered Chair

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Good evening! As you may probably know, I don't typically write new posts on the weekends or in the evenings, but today, I'm joining in on a very special Best of Farmhouse Friends Blog Hop! Special thanks to Angie at Knick of Time (one of the best farmhouse style bloggers in the biz) for organizing our little group for this event!

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French Graphic Coffee Table Make-Under {Themed Furniture Makeover Day}

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Time is certainly moving quickly this year, isn't it? I can hardly believe it's time for another Themed Furniture Makeover Day with the DIY Furniture Girls. This month's theme is Neutrals, and there's quite a story behind this piece, so let's get to it :)

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Repurposed Picture Frame Serving Tray {Thrift Store Decor Upcycle Challenge}

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I'm so excited to bring you this Thrift Store Decor Upcycle Challenge! I've teamed up with 20 other bloggers for this thrift store blog hop. The rules were simple--take an item(s) from a thrift store, yard sale, resale shop etc. and transform it into a new piece of home decor. There was no budget, or theme to stick to so we were free to let our creativity run wild!

Meet the Hosts

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Revamped End Tables with Pure & Original Paints {The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest}

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Hello all! Welcome to the April Edition of The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest! 

This month, our phenomenal sponsor is none other than Pure & Original, makers of some of the most fabulous paint to hit the DIY industry in recent years. It's a luxury brand, imported from the Netherlands and crafted to be environmentally-friendly with little to no VOC.

I have to tell you, I absolutely LOVED working with this paint. It's so incredibly smooth, the colors are rich, and it sands to a beautifully soft finish. I decided to make over this lovely pair of end tables.

They are solid fruitwood, made by a company called Kindel. A stamp on the bottom dates them back to 1956.

I knew they were great quality the moment I spotted them at Goodwill, but they had some cosmetic issues, including what appeared to be a handprint in the varnish. Weird.

First, I stripped the top to remove the old varnish (and the handprint). Then, I gave the base a coat of P&O Classico Paint in Majestic Cloth. This paint is like butter, I tell ya.

After that, I brushed on some Greek Blue and Libo Bay here and there, trying to keep it random and rustic-looking.

After some distressing, topcoat, and new pulls, they were all ready to go!

Instead of restaining the tops, I kept them their original color and sealed with General Finishes Arm-R-Seal. They are so much prettier now! :)

I am so excited to have had the chance to try this awesome paint! Some of the finest painters in the biz, including Leslie Stocker of Colorways and Diane Grover of The Paint Factory, are huge fans of Pure & Original  and have created some gorgeous pieces with it. They'll also be serving as guest judges for the FFFC this month!

Pure & Original manufactures three paint lines - ClassicoFresco Lime and Marrakech Walls. Our paticipants and hosts will be working iwth Classico, a thick, chalk-based paint with natural pigments. Oh and did I mention it's available in over 130 colors??

Over 60 talented bloggers will be completing their "Pure Colors, Original Elegance" themed pieces this month. It's our largest contest yet, competing for our largest prize package yet! Here's what's up for grabs:

1 Euro Gallon of Fresco Lime Paint ($125 value)
1 Fresco Brush ($32 value)
1 Euro Gallon of Marrakech Walls ($134 value)
1 Marrakech Walls Trowel/Spatula ($32 value)
2 1 Euro Gallons of Wall Primer Tinted ($212 value)
1 Euro Gallon of Dead Flat Eco Seal ($130 value)
1 Hand-Painted Classico Color Card ($10 value)
1 Classico Sample Pack ($60 value)
One hour of application consultation (via Skype) with a P&O expert ($150 value)
Free shipping to continental USA

Total value: over $1000 USD

Amazing, right??

Be sure to come back throughout the month to see more the 60 amazing projects from our participants and hosts, including our featured host, Carrie and our social media manager, Thea! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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How to Replace Missing Furniture Pieces with a Glue Gun {Working With Wood Series}

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It's been a while since we've shared a post in our Working With Wood series, and for good reason - we haven't been working with much wood refinishing in the past few months :) You may remember a few weeks ago when I shared my refinished antique table with the wood planked top that I mentioned I'd also show you how I replaced the missing medallion detail. Well, today's the day!

Now, before you call me crazy for using a glue gun to replace missing wood details on furniture, bear with me. I promise, it's not as insane as it sounds - plus, it really works, especially if you're in a pinch.
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Farmhouse-Style Dresser Makeover

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Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links from D. Lawless Hardware. All opinions I share are 100% honest and entirely my own. Please see full disclosure policy here.

Thanks for stopping by for another Themed Furniture Makeover Day!

Today, our group of DIY Furniture Girls is sharing our Farmhouse themed pieces with you. With the popularity of farmhouse style decor (as in, Fixer Upper style :) ), you just know there are some amazing projects this month, so be sure to check out the links at the end! 

Find last month's "Inspired by Chocolate" themed makeover here!

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10 Handmade Farmhouse Sign Ideas

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Isn't it funny how sometimes, things just have a way of taking off on their own, without you even having to try? That's the way it's been for me lately with painting signs.

Today I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite ones we've made over the past few months. My sign painting tutorial is by far one of the most popular posts around here, and many of these signs were created with that technique.

handmade painted signs farmhouse rustic vintage
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Grey Planked Table with Chocolate Accents {Themed Furniture Makeover Day}

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Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links from DecoArt. All opinions I share are 100% honest and entirely my own. Please see full disclosure policy here.

Good morning! Today I'm excited to be participating in Themed Furniture Makeover Day with the DIY Furniture Girls! It's a wonderful group of very talented furniture builders and painters, and I'm thrilled to join them this month :)

The theme for February is Inspired by Chocolate. For my piece, I decided to tackle an occasional table I picked up for free at a garage sale last summer (the same garage sale where I found another of my favorite tables - it was a real gold mine!)

The table originally had a marble top that was incredibly heavy and outdated, not to mention it kept falling off, but I had other plans in mind to make it functional again.

It was also missing one of its medallion accents. The poor thing had definitely seen better days.

Luckily, I was able to create a replacement with a bit of ingenuity (I'll be sharing how I did it next week, so stay tuned!)

I was fortunate that this table already had some lovely dark chocolate accents that I wanted to preserve. I sealed the center beam with shellac, and after removing the old chipping veneer, I stained the wooden accents on the legs with Java gel stain.

After taping off the wood sections, I painted the rest of the table in DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint in Yesteryear, followed with some highlights in a pure white color called Everlasting.

Now for the top. I had always envisioned replacing the marble with wood planks, and with the help of a new jigsaw, I was able to cut them accurately on the first go! Can you tell I'm proud of myself? :)

I gave the planks a coat of gel stain to match the rest of the wood, and sealed with polyurethane. The rest of the table was finished off with clear and dark wax.

I love the way it all came together!


Be sure to check out the other chocolate-inspired makeovers for the month below!

More table transformations:




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